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These are frequently asked questions.
For any other questions about dooboo, please email us to askdooboo@gmail.com.

What is organic cotton?

Organic Cotton is grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals from the soil to fiber. It is grown in 100% eco-friendly methods and non of fertilizers or pesticides are used in the process of manufacturing. It produces the minimum of negative influence on the environment.
Why should we wear the organic cotton?

Organic cotton has not only the softness but also the high air-permeability. Our skin can breathe well through the organic cotton clothes. It does not contain the chemicals so both adults and babies who have sensitive skin can wear daily. In the process of manufacturing the organic cotton clothes, chemical based fertilizers are not used at all so it makes our Earth clean and happy.
What is linen?

The fiber of the linen is called flax. It comes from the stem of the plant. Its absorptiveness is very high so it is perfect for the summer wear. It gets stronger and softer as it is washed so linen clothes have excellent preservability. Linen is also eco-friendly fabric and it is dooboo's one of the favorite and most beloved material.
What is modal?

Modal is cellulosic fiber from beech trees. It is washable natural fiber and stronger than cotton. It is very soft and covers the body smoothly. Because it has high absorptiveness and refreshing touch, it is suitable for summer wear.
Handling Washing methods for organic cotton clothes

Organic cotton products may shrink a little after washing because it has not been went through any of chemical based finishing.

- dark colors should be washed separately.
- products should be dehydrated and dried after washed.
- do not use bleach.
- use neutral detergent in tepid or cold water.